Features & Benefits

One Stop Solution

Be it distributing your content on digital stores worldwide or monetizing via YouTube Content ID, we offer you a one stop solution for all your distribution & content discovery needs on a revenue share basis.


We provide the much-needed personal touch in support. We help you prepare your content to maximize distribution and discovery on the platforms. Our team will respond within 24 hours on all business days for any support you need.

Intelligent Music Submission System

We offer a fully automated submission system, via which you can submit your single or album. The system offers choice of territories and release date. You can also use the system to edit any metadata or change artwork.

Free UPC Barcodes / ISRC Codes

If you are a label or an artist, who does not have your own UPC Barcodes or ISRC codes, no worries. We will auto insert these for you. If you have your own codes, you can use them as well.

Reports & Payments

We provide a range of reports which include daily trend reports & monthly financial reports from all the platforms we distribute on. You can filter these reports by Artists, Song, Territories and more.

Enable Additional Users

We allow you to add users to your account, so that you can delegate your team members to upload music or edit content without having access to the financial section.

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