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Music can be monetized worldwide through Sales, Streams, Ringtones, Ring-Back Tones and YouTube Content ID.

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How it works

ABC Digital aggregates music from record labels and independent artists from around the world and licenses it to leading digital stores. Simply upload your music and we’ll take care of distribution.

Digital Downloads

Sell your full length tracks and albums on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play & more

Music Streaming

Streaming services like Apple Music, Spotify & Saavn are now more popular than ever as listeners can easily access large libraries of music and curated playlists without having to download and store songs on their mobile device.


As well as full length songs, iTunes also offers ringtones to iPhone users.

Ring-Back Tones

A ring-back tone is what a caller hears after dialling a mobile phone number. The choice of ring-back tone is set by the receiver of the call. This service is very popular in India where there are over a billion mobile phone users.

Digital Platforms

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